CABANA LEVEL (4200 sq. feet)


This level is one below the Main Level and is serviced by the back staircase and the elevator.


Cabana:  Three steps down and outside of the house is the outdoor pool. Servicing the pool is the Cabana’s job.  This limestone floored complex consists of a sitting room, a kitchenette and a spa.  In addition to two sinks and a toilet, the spa has two changing rooms, a large shower with its own dressing room, a full sauna, and a stacking washer dryer.


Wine Cellar: Also on this level is the Wine Cellar.  It is strategically placed below the kitchen at the bottom of the back staircase that runs between the Main and Cabana levels.  The walls and floor are clad in limestone.  There is room to store enough cases of wine to meet the needs of most wine lovers while a dedicated air conditioning unit allows them to properly age. Finally, a limestone island table in the center provides a festive and convenient location for tasting wines before bringing them up stairs to be served to guests. 


Exercise Room: The Exercise Room is very comfortably and inviting.  It has space for traditional workout equipment (currently a tread mill, Exercycle, weights, etc.), and non-traditional equipment – currently, a full Gyrotonic machine. 


The room has three additional features that make it unique.  First, it is built on a white oak "sprung" raised floor which, together with the ballet bars and mirrors, turns the exercise room into a dance studio.  Second, the lights of the room are hidden in coves that prevent glare from hitting your eyes even while lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling.  Finally, the room has a bank of windows that overlook and a door that leads out to the outdoor pool – a refreshing sight whatever your physical state.


Office:  The final bedroom (and full bathroom) in the Main House is also on this level. It has a private entrance off the outdoor pool and is currently used as an office.  Toward this end it has been fitted with built-in cabinetry.


Cedar and Fur Closets , etc.: To complete this level there is a large cedar closet, a separate temperature-controlled fur closet, and an entry-way mudroom complete with storage closets and a staff bathroom.  Finally there is access to the Garages.