A major house requires major mechanical systems that are up-to-date, and easy to understand and operate.  This House does not disappoint or compromise – most of the individual features and systems are under the control of the central computer system. A partial list of mechanicals includes:


  1. The House is hooked up to the city sewer system.
  2. A diesel oil-driven generator provides sufficient electricity to run the entire house for six days.
  3. 26 separate zones heat, cool and humidify all of the Main House, Guest House and the garages.
  4. Three boilers provide abundant heat.
  5. A large chiller provides as much cooling as you could possible desire.
  6. Separate units control the environmental of the outdoor and indoor pools, and the fish pond.
  7. The stone floors of the master bathrooms and the indoor pool are heated.
  8. Redundant water heaters and recirculation pumps guarantee that abundant hot water is always available at all levels of the House.
  9. A multi-line telephone system services all rooms.
  10. A sound (radio, cd, iPod, etc.) system is available in all major rooms.
  11. A Security system protects the house from potential intruders.
  12. The gate entry system allows monitoring of all comings and goings.
  13. A Lutron system provides light for the major rooms of the Main House and Indoor Pool.
  14. The driveway, front motor court and back motor court are completely heated, eliminating the need for snow removal.  Additionally, these areas are lit to provide safety and comfort at night.
  15. Professional irrigation was installed to ensure that all of plantings receive adequate moisture throughout the growing season. Hose spigots have been discreetly placed so that water can be accessed from anywhere on the property.
  16. A dedicate workroom facilitates running the House.